A little about us


IMPULSE was founded in 2004 and started its activities with equipment imports for the industry and mining sector. Our business model is grounded in commitment and satisfaction of our customers. Our main activities are import and export of various products, we also offer personalized services with maximum operational efficiency and the best cost-benefit ratio, this is our focus.

We are a modern company, aligned with the market and attentive to the world economy. We meet strict standards of efficiency and all activities are in accordance with the legislation that rules the foreign trade operations.


Our company is managed by highly qualified professionals, which remains permanently updated in the area of ​​foreign trade and generating a certain peace of mind to customers and partners who works with our team.

We offer wide experience in international business, covering all activities of foreign trade, enabling new opportunities and solutions anywhere in the world.

Our entire team of professionals meets our principles of transparency and confidentiality on all the operations that we are involved.

Mission Statement


 Attend our customers with excellence,  offering products and services that  contribute to the growth of companies and  sectors, generating wealth sustainably.​​



​​​Be the reference company, recognized for the quality and effectiveness of our products and services.​​

Core Values


- Integrity

- Transparency

- Respectful relationship with        customers and employees

- Commitment and focus on results